MeP Trans AS offers to its clients a wide range of freight forwarding and transport services, which ensures the satisfaction of every client’s need. We offer transport, forwarding, planning and consulting services.

Company worked out its own know-how, which includes different IT solutions, many years of experience and a unique approach to every client.


Mep Trans AS offers a freight forwarding service based on door-to-door principle. You just need to tell us time and address, where You need us to pick up your cargo from and the delivery address. We will make sure your cargo is delivered to the right address in the right time.

Our core market is Europe, but depending on client’s demand we are happy to offer the freight forwarding service worldwide.


MeP Trans AS offers a transport service with the following equipment:

  1. own, rented and subcontracted trucks;
  2. standard, Mega, 2-axel and 3-axel units, which are not older than 2 years old;
  3. with GPS track and trace system;
  4. with ADR license;
  5. single and double manned units;
  6. curtain, box, frigo and Link trailers.


MeP Trans AS offers to its clients and partners a cargo planning service, which includes the following:

  1. traffic plan between terminals, factories/production lines, logistic hubs etc.;
  2. optimisation of existing traffic plans;
  3. faster delivery/shorter transit time plan;
  4. project planning;
  5. corporate solution.

We will work out the best possible traffic plan depending on every detail of your needs. Moreover, we will guarantee the service if our traffic plan is accepted and the agreement is signed.


MeP Trans AS offers to its subcontractors a consulting service, which helps them to achieve best possible results. The consulting services include all aspects of international transport of goods by road within EU. We are not only telling every involved party how it works and what the rules are, we also can assist with different types of registrations in respective authorities.

Just ask us and we will help You to be on a good level.

Let us convince you, that we are the best possible solution for your needs.

Highest level of customer service & support, for you.