MeP Trans AS was established in 1990 as a joint venture of Estonian and Italian transport companies. By mid 90s it was one of the biggest and strongest freight forwarding companies in Estonia. The core business at that time was the transportation of goods from Western Europe to Russia and other CIS countries.

Crisis of 1998 made a certain impact on MeP Trans AS’ operations and the volumes went down, but those were restored by the end of 2001.

In 2009 the company started to offer to its clients the transportation services between different countries of Western Europe.

Due to different reasons from the beginning of 2011 the volumes started to go down. This was the case until the moment, when the shares of MeP Trans AS were sold to a new owner. This happened in 2014.

In 2014 the new owner made a restart of MeP Trans AS’ activities. As a result of made actions, the company started a very fast growth. In 2015 the company doubled the revenues and in 2016 the company made a 10 times bigger turnover than in 2014.

At the moment MeP Trans AS...

... is very fast growing company.

... is a highly developed freight forwarding and transport company with its own IT solution.

... has the team of experts in the field of international freight forwarding and transport of goods, which ensures the high level performance.

... has its own know-how, which allows to offer the personalized solution to each client’s need.

Let us convince you, that we are the best possible solution for your needs.

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