Quality & Environ­ment.

Quality & Environ­ment

MeP Trans AS is certified for: ISO 9001 – Quality Management & ISO 14001 – Environmental Management

Both certifications were made by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance, United Kingdom. By issuing ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates international and well known Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance organization confirmed, that MeP Trans AS built up a high level Quality and Environmental Management systems, which correspond to very high level international standards.

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

Environmental policy

MeP Trans AS ISO 14001:2005 Environmental Policy is focused on offering its clients the international transport of goods services, which are in accordance with clients’ needs and expectations. Through this MeP Trans AS shows its credibility as a long term partner.

Current ISO 14001:2005 environmental policy is based on international ISO 14001:2005 Standard and makes an opportunity for being competitive and economically wealthy company in short, as well as in long term perspective.

  • MeP Trans’ staff is well informed about the demands of ISO 14001:2005 and uses them in everyday operations.
  • MeP Trans is using equipment, which correspond to all EU environmental regulations.
  • MeP Trans is monitoring the fuel consumption on a constant basis.

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